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Indian Administrative Services, abbreviated as IAS, are actually the civil based administrative services of the Government of India. The officers that are designated as IAS are the ones that relate to the policy making of our nation and relates to the complete bureaucracy of the Union Government that covers both the two forms, that is the Central as well as the State government. The officers are selected through one of the most meticulous entrance exam conducted within our country, the Civil Service. The exam is conducted through three different but very hard steps, namely the Preliminary exams, then mains and finally the Personal Interview.
The exams for post of IAS are conducted at the nation based scale, and candidates from all over the country, compromising from all the state of the nation, can enroll within the entrance test. The IAS offers are recruited by the Union Government of India under the advice of Union Public Service Commissions, famously known as UPSC.
Provincial Civil Services, abbreviated as PCS, are actually the civil based administrative services of the State Government. These officers relate to the policy making of the state to which they belong. These officers are also selected through an entrance test conducted by the state based Public Service Commission.
The exams for the post of PCS are conducted at the state level, where candidates that are the domicile residents of that state are only allowed to appear in the entrance exam with a certain number of seats reserved for other state candidates. There are also reservations of seats within the state seats. Furthermore, the manner of conduction of this exam is the same as the Civil Services, that compromises of three different steps such as the Preliminary Test, after which a Mains paper is conducted and lastly, a round of Personal Interview takes place.

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